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Cash Column

Your guide to luring lots of loot.

By Tracy Ziemer
December 2000/January 2001 Issue

CosmoGirl! Cash Columnrisky business
Each year, 200,000 teenagers are injured at work. Before you take that job, check this list to see if you could be signing up for danger.

1. Delivery and driving: Shuttling stuff around in a car -- like pizza or flowers -- is dangerous and against the law for teens under 17.
2. Working alone in a cash-based business: Convenience stores, gas stations, and fast food restaurants are easy targets for burglary.
3. Selling to strangers door-to-door or on the street: Teenagers who solicit are vulnerable to assault.
4. Construction and working from heights: Heavy equipment can cause serious accidents.
5. Cooking: Working with cooking equipment plus hot water, oil and grease can equal burns.

AGE: 18 years old
HOMETOWN: Florissant, MD
BUSINESS: Her company, Exquisitely Yours, personalizes wedding invitations and programs for brides and grooms. Her business plan took top prize at the Entrepreneurship Fair at the University of Missouri at St. Louis, and scored her enough cash to start her own business.
Get THE PICTURE?: "My older brother asked me to design programs for his wedding. I wanted to make his more interesting than ordinary programs, so I put a picture of him and his wife-to-be on them. Everyone loved it! It seems like an obvious idea, but not many people actually do it."
HER BIG BREAK: "My teacher told me about the fair, and I was like, why not? So I entered my business plan and was amazed when I won. I bought a copier and a ton of paper with the prize money, and it helped me get started. I'm still using the materials and haven't had to spend any of my own money on supplies yet -- my profits so far have definitely been good."
MINDING HER OWN BUSINESS: "The best part is not having to work under anyone. I like being able to do my own thing -- it's a great feeling to step back, and look at everything I'm doing and know that I'm doing it myself."
HER ADVICE: "If you believe in what you're doing, put your all into it. You won't be successful if you hold back. Just go for it."

"free" money
Believe it or not, you can earn dough by spending money online. gives you up to 28 percent back on what you spend at participating online retailers like and Another one to try is When you register, an interactive window pops up on sites where it's possible to save money. You can also earn money by referring friends to the site; you receive a percentage of their annual rebates and could pocket as much as $450 a year. It's money for nothing -- and the clicks are free (he he!).

Bette Nesmith Graham invented Liquid Paper in the 1950s, whipping up the first batch in her blender with some white paint. She later sold the product to the Gillette Corporation for $47.5 million plus royalties.

make a quick buck
'Tis the season for givng -- and earning. If you play an instrument, perform holiday music at dinner parties or church gatherings. (Ask for $25 to $50 an hour.) But you don't have to be musically gifted to work a party. You can also charge $10 an hour to carry trays of punch and finger food around to guests. Spread the word through family friends. Show up looking like the professional you are (a white shirt and dark pants should do the trick), and you'll be on your way to a cash-plenty holiday.

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