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Cash Column

Your guide to luring lots of loot.

By Tracy Ziemer
February 2001 issue

whatta card!
CosmoGirl! It's a credit card! A debit card! It's also a bus pass, an ATM card, and a phone card! Whoa! The Providian Visa card has a smart chip, which lets you use it for almost everything. You can also get a credit card reader ($20), hook it up to your computer, and buy online with one easy swipe. Under 18? Check with Mom and Dad (visit and get ready to be carded.

test-drive a job
If you don't have plans for Groundhog Day (hello -- who does?), sign up to get a taste of your dream job! February 2 is Junior Achievement's Groundhog Job Shadow Day, when teens get matched up with people whose jobs they want -- and spend a day (outta school!) hanging out with them. It's the perfect way to try on a job -- and it's free! Go to for more info.

AGE: 13 years old
HOMETONE: Sherman Oaks, CA
BUSINESS: Vitamin B*eads, jewelry priced from $10 to $40. Her line is sold at
STARTING SMALL: "I've always liked making beaded necklaces and bracelets. Then, when I was on a plane two years ago, I was making jewelry to pass the time, and the flight attendants lined up to buy it! Later, I approached boutiques to see if they wanted to carry my jewelry. It was scary at first; because I'm so young, people assumed I didn't know what I was doing. But when they saw my jewelry, they wanted to sell it! They buy it wholesale and then charge twice the price. It's carried in four stores so far."
GETTING BUSY: "It can be hard to find time to do it since I have school and a billion extracurricular activities. So I put together a necklace or two between classes or whenever -- it's really challenging, but also fun."
FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES: "When we visited Hawaii, Britney Spears made an appearance at our hotel, and I actually went up to her mom and gave her one of my bracelets! Britney loved it -- she even sent me a thank-you note. People seem to like things that celebrities wear, so it's definitely helped out the business."
HER ADVICE: "You have to be disciplined and willing to work weekends and during free time. But mostly, do what you love, keep going, and don't give up!"

5 times more women start new businesses than men.

I see!
Dying to see the world but find yourself strapped for cash? Low dough flow makes it tough for the financial challenged student to travel -- unless you sign up for a program like Volunteers For Peace (, which sends teens abroad for up to three weeks for as little as $220 plus airfare. In exchange, you spend a few hours a day restoring historic churches or clearing vegetation from trails with other teens. Another option for wannabe jet-setters is LEAPNow (, which offers tailor-made school-break and summer journeys to 129 countries. You may be eligible for a scholarship (based on need), or you can work abroad and get paid. So get ready to pay lightly (pack light too!) for your international adventure.

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