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EPICURIOUS: Chocolate for Charity

EPICURIOUS: What's Hot and Not in Kitchen

NEW YORK POST: 9/11 Weddings
Couples Plan Nups on Tragic Anniversary

BUST: Fire Thunder Under Fire

BUST: All Fired Up: Cecilia Fire Thunder Makes a Reservation for Choice

ABC NEWS: Study Says Kids Emulate Athletes


EPICURIOUS: Fish Boils and Cherry Pies

EPICURIOUS: Chicken Booyah for the Soul

EPICURIOUS: Fat Tuesday or Fat Thursday? It's all Paczki

TIME OUT NEW YORK: Here's the Beef! NYC's 100 Best Burgers

GLAMOUR: Is it Cancer?

NEW YORK TIMES: Making Heads or Tails of It Under Ungodly Scrutiny

ABC NEWS: Raising Consciousness About Concussions

ABC NEWS: Out of Sync

ABC NEWS: Iron Moms

ABC NEWS: Where Did XFL Go Wrong?

ABC NEWS: Lewis Goes From Murder Suspect to Super Bowl

ABC NEWS: Sugar Bowl Preview

ABC NEWS: Football Collides With Politics in Tallahassee

ABC NEWS: Are Youth Athletes Becoming Bad Sports?

ABC NEWS: All-New York World Series Divides Families

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CosmoGirl!: CASH Column: February 2001

CosmoGirl!: CASH Column: Dec 2000/Jan 2001

THE CAPITAL TIMES: Just the Facts, Ma'am

THE CAPITAL TIMES: Sidebar: Elias Is Reliable, Not Always Unshakeable

SPOTLIGHT MAGAZINE: Go Green: The Region's Bountiful Farmers Markets

GLAMOUR: Exactly what’ll get you a promotion

ALBUQUERQUE THE MAGAZINE: Albuquerque The Interview: Jennifer James, Chef

NEW YORK ROAD RUNNERS: Korean Road Runners Club

NEW YORK ROAD RUNNERS: Polish Runners Club


WEST SIDE SPIRIT: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

WEST SIDE SPIRIT: Goodbye to New York

WEST SIDE SPIRIT: Wanted: Mom & Pop Stores

WEST SIDE SPIRIT: Sludge Splashing and Loving It

Research Report

CONSUMER REPORTS WEBWATCH: College Test Prep Takes a Test
[edited by Tracy Ziemer]

CONSUMER REPORTS WEBWATCH: Do Travel Search Engines Deliver?
[edited by Tracy Ziemer]

CONSUMER REPORTS WEBWATCH: Still in Search of Disclosure
[edited by Tracy Ziemer]

CONSUMER REPORTS WEBWATCH: Searching for Disclosure:
[edited by Tracy Ziemer]

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